He came with his chopping board-She came with her coffee grinder

And then came the sous chef knife, smoothie blender, 10 shopping bags of hard covered books, ( no e-reader for my son-in-law ), shoes, shirts, jeans and purses. Yes, our millennial daughter and her husband came to spend the summer with us. As they were unpacking their car and multiple bags of “stuff”, Jon said to me,  “Chinese fire”. I assumed this was a cultural gem he picked up from living in China for 2 years. In truth, this is what happens when there is a fire in an apartment. It also explains why these 2 millennials saved every shopping bag they had acquired over the summer-best to be prepared! Realty was, those shopping bags became very helpful when packing up their car after 10 weeks of life in the suburbs and frequenting vintage shops.

We had just made that baby boomer move into a downsized home a month prior to their arrival. Still unpacking boxes and “naming rooms”,  (that dreaded ritual we go through to define living spaces), we welcomed our expanded family into our confused world of, “where is that pot that I always use to make chili?” Thankfully, our new home came with a finished basement so our millennial couple could have a mini-apartment like space to sprawl out in. However, our artist daughter Amy, did not find the art “center” I lovingly set up for her acceptable so she moved into my office. Jon, our physics teacher/engineer son-in-law turned his attention to our garage, as his summer project was to build a model wind turbine for his engineering club when school began in August.

And so we all learned to live as one big happy family, redefining boundaries of parenting Amy, getting to know Jon in an intimate way since we first met him the week of their wedding 2 years ago!