I’M VINTAGE: What’s old is new again!

One of the more delightful experiences I had with my millennial daughter and her husband during their summer stay with us was going vintage clothes shopping. As we walked among the racks of clothes, he would give her outrageous, ( by today’s fashion standards ), outfits to try on. Answering my quizzical facial expression,  (translation: “that’s not your style” ), Amy proudly explained, “that’s what we do!” While she modeled all kinds of outfits, Jon worked the shirt racks and pulled several he liked. I, meanwhile, keeping my laughter in check, looked over the winter coats and was STUNNED when I saw MY winter coat from my college days in the Midwest: a Dr. Zhivago style, knee length sheepskin coat. Yes, I am a baby boomer but I did not realize that my clothes from my college years were now considered vintage, and yes, it did make me feel a little bit old!

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2017, our 2 millennials again went vintage shopping. Amy came home with 2 hats which they had named after characters from Downton Abby and Jon came home with a fabulous long sheepskin coat with  wonderful decorative stitching. My sheepskin loving hubby saw the label and was astounded that it came from Montgomery Ward! Who knew Montgomery Ward sold clothes? We had remembered them as a place for household goods.

Recently Amy called to tell me they were going to a wedding and had shopped for outfits. No surprise when she told me Jon bought a 1970’s suit and she bought a flapper dress! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures of these 2 millennials all decked out in baby boomer era clothes with a little 1920’s fashion flair thrown in for fun!

I had a hint they both liked vintage clothes when their first date 5 years ago was Vintage Day at Santa Anita Racetrack! No surprise then, when talk of wedding dresses started while they were living in China. Amy had always wanted to wear my 1970 wedding dress: lace, knee length hemline, long sleeves. During a 10 day trip for wedding planning she tried the dress on: OH NO, EVERYTHING WAS WRONG-neckline needed to change, sleeves were too long, the fit was a little snug….off to the seamstress who told us, “this dress is so old and the lace is so fragile with food stains on the sleeve, ( geez I don’t remember eating anything at my wedding! ), it would cost a small fortune plus a lot of good karma to fix it !” In the end, a vintage lace dress would not gone with their wedding theme.

Our vintage loving millennials have recently discovered the fun of decorating their first home. Since we were in the middle of downsizing, we offered the once in a lifetime chance to, “shop our basement” which was filled with furniture from Amy’s grandparents. They now have one of the best furnished houses on the block!

The morale of this blog post is: KEEP EVERYTHING, it will be back in style before you know it!!